Secretarial and administrative services

Corporate Services

ADMINISTRATION, SECRETARIAL SERVICE, CORRESPONDENCEWe assist our customers in day-to-day work, allowing them to focus on the main production and business operations.We offer the following secretarial and administrative services:

  • Provision of a registered address (virtual office) in Estonia
  • Processing of correspondence
  • Ordering the necessary information from the Commercial Register (certificates, printouts, articles of association)
  • Ordering the necessary information from the Tax and Customs Board (residency certificate, certificate for avoidance of double taxation, certificate on the absence of tax debts)
  • Notarised translation of documents
  • Legalisation and apostillisation of documents
  • Ordering seals
  • Preparation of negotiations with customers, banks, partners, employees
  • Assistance in communication with tax and other state authorities
  • Assistance in drawing up documents in order to apply for/extend a residence permit

Experts responsible for provision of this service:

Tatjana Milov

Assistant / Secretary