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You need a residence permit to live and work in Estonia. Having an Estonian residence permit, you can also travel visa-free and do business in the European Union. That is why many people strive to receive an Estonian residence permit but face some procedural complications. Fortunately, we can help to overcome these complications.

Larssen® helps to obtain Estonian residence permits. We consult on the procedure, assist in obtaining a 2 to 5-year residence permit and in extending it later.

An Estonian residence permit is a significant advantage for doing business and sine qua non for anybody willing to live in the country and travel visa-free within the European Union. It may also be a solid ground for emigration and doing business in the EU.

CIS citizens and other EU non-residents – holders of Estonian residence permit also receive a right to live in any EU member state.

The initial term of validity differs subject to the grounds for application, but whatever the period the permit opens a lot of opportunities for individuals and legal entities.

Advantages of Estonian residence permit for businessmen:

  • attractive taxation environment
  • remote company management allowed
  • residence permit extension period two to five years (1 year in many other EU countries)
  • moderate cost of authorised capital (significantly less than in other EU countries)
  • comfortable bank system with friendly service

How can I receive a Estonian residence permit?

You will have to prepare a set of documents in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia and pay state duty in order to receive your residence permit fast and smoothly. We will inform you in detail about the requirements as soon as we start the procedure.

The experts of Larssen® will advise you on all the legal possibilities to receive the residence permit available under the laws of the Republic of Estonia. This is a service for businessmen who are actually involved in any commercial activity.

Any foreigner who has started any business or has sufficient means to start a business in Estonia or any other EU country will easily receive an Estonian residence permit with the help of our experts. Larssen® will be glad to offer practical advice at all the stages of the procedure.

How can Larssen® help?

  • consult – our experts will answer all your questions
  • compile a set of documents
  • submit documents to governmental agencies
  • co-ordinate the process.

Thus you will spare minimum efforts and money, prepare all the required documents, reduce contacts with the officials and get the results in the shortest time possible.

Please follow the link below to see all the requirements of the Police and Border Guard Department to applicants for an Estonian residence permit.

The Estonian residence permit is one of the simplest and fastest ways to integrate into the European Union. And the professional team of Larssen® is your reliable guide on the way. Together we will get to success fast and easily.

Here are the requirements of the Police and Border Guard Department to applicants for an Estonian residence permit.


Experts responsible for provision of this service:

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