International tax planning and structuring


Taxpayers have the right to select the most favourable taxation regime among other legal ones

The purpose of tax planning is to exercise this right to minimise your tax burden by using options that are not contrary to the law.

Skilful use of available options and application of the planned changes in taxation policy allows your tax burden to be reduced and the efficiency of your business to increase.

The options include:

  • Proficient application of local legal features (special taxation regimes for certain types of income such as dividends, capital increase, use of intellectual property, etc).
  • Application of international tax agreements (lower tax rates applicable to the income of the “contractual” jurisdiction residents).
  • Use of companies from jurisdiction of preferential tax regime or tax exempt ones.

The knowledge and experience that our partners and we possess ensure high-quality long-term and short-term, strategic and current tax planning for legal entities and individuals, with due consideration of the business activities, geographic coverage and local cultural and political peculiarities, and using the most appropriate tools.

Experts responsible for provision of this service: