Expat taxes


There are almost no borders for labour or capital in the modern world. People from abroad can easily find a legal job in Estonia and other countries. Due to liberal taxation Estonia hosting more and more international companies.

Estonian and foreign companies may employ expats – foreign citizens holding a work permit. But taxation of a foreign employee differs from the taxation of an Estonian one, and the differences applicable both for the expat and the employer shall be taken into consideration.

For an employee changing jurisdiction means obeying the laws of the country of employment, which is difficult enough without knowing the laws. Incorrect documentation and taxation may cause serious problems for the employee and the employer.

Larssen® offers consulting and assistance to ensure international employment in full accord with local laws. We also help expats directly.

Our expert consulting covers a wide range of employment-related issues.

Expat Taxation

Larssen® specialists will help to calculate income tax and social taxes to ensure strict obedience of the law and prevent even a minor possibility of a misunderstanding with control agencies.

Residence Permits

You need a residence permit for permanent employment in Estonia. We offer comprehensive consulting for obtaining this permit. A Larssen® specialist will help you to collect all the necessary documents and submit it to the appropriate agency.

Work Permits

Generally a foreigner needs a work permit to be employed in Estonia, but there are exceptions (governing body, specialist on a business trip, etc.)  Larssen® will help you to deal with peculiarities of Estonian legislation and if a permit is required, we will arrange for quickly receiving one.

Legal Formalisation of Employment

Larssen® will draw up all the documents to legalise your employment, taking into account the interests of both parties.

Health and Social Insurance

A person working abroad needs health and social insurance to feel protected in any sense. Larssen® specialists will facilitate and coordinate the formal procedure, help to find the optimal payment and protection solution.

Experienced consultants will help to solve any issues that employees and employers might face in any country of the world using a vast network of Crowe Global offices.

Request professional advice on expat taxation and legalisation.

Larssen® guarantees a fast solution both for foreign workers and employers who use foreign labour.

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