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The most common legal form for companies in Estonia is the private limited company (OÜ). It is a limited liability company with a simple structure and a small share capital (2500 EUR).

Public limited companies / joint stock companies (AS) are less popular. Their share capital must be at least 25,000 EUR and in addition to the management board / director, such companies should have a council / supervisory board (a board of directors).

Important details:

  1. If the residence of at least half of the members of the management board of a company is not in Estonia, in another Member State of the European Economic Area or in the Swiss Confederation (i.e. the director is not a resident), according to the laws of the Republic of Estonia a company shall appoint a local representative (a person competent to receive procedural documents). Our company also offers services of local representatives.
  2. No salary is required to be paid to a director (member of the management board), unless otherwise prescribed by the agreement.
  3. A company should have a local registered address. We are able to provide you with a registered address, if you don’t have one. When you order both services – the registered address service and the local representation service – we offer a 25% discount.
  4. The company must submit activity reports (annual reports) regardless of the geographical location of its business.

For more information on Estonia and its tax system, see our FAQ.

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