Conciliation in Estonia

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Conciliation procedure is one of the tools for alternative dispute resolution. It offers to the disagreeing parties a good chance to reach an extrajudicial settlement.

The most common fields of application of this procedure are trade law, labour law, family and inheritance law, conflicts related to banking, insurance internal and external corporate issues, copyright and intellectual property, as well as disputes between owners of neighbouring land plots.

The task of an intermediary is to prevent any disputes during the procedure as well as to formalise interim documents and protocols necessary for preparation of the conciliation agreement.


  • Informal nature of procedure;
  • Simplicity and low cost (in comparison with judicial proceedings);
  • A just decision that considers the interests of both parties (a win-win situation);
  • Where parties do not wish to continue cooperation, conciliation procedure allows for a quick decision, saves time, money and nerves as well as allows for avoiding future conflicts and potential meetings;
  • Where parties wish to continue cooperation, the conciliation procedure allows the business relations to be saved;
  • Confidentiality;
  • An option to obtain a valid enforcement document (enforceable similarly to a court decision);
  • A compulsory decision may be reached only where a compromise agreement has been concluded.

The conciliation procedure…

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